Puppies like Kevin need you

Tiny, frail, underweight and struggling with his balance, little Kevin was extremely vulnerable when he arrived at Woodgreen.

Please help unloved pets like Kevin

We're seeing more and more pets who need extra care and help - like Kevin, left abandoned with a local vet. We'll never turn them away and will continuously help more unloved pets like Kevin.


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Kevin had serious health issues to deal with

Kevin wasn’t eating or drinking, so when he arrived he was shivering and could barely raise his head.

He was in need of urgent round-the-clock care to recover, or his story could have been a tragic one. He needed to be syringe fed and injected with fluids to improve his hydration levels. One of our vet nurses, Lucy, stepped in to provide this intensive care at home. She also treated him for skin lesions caused by not moving due to weakness.

“Once he started to get stronger and gained weight, Kevin was a different puppy –  very playful and ready for cuddles!”

Kevin had Lucy’s undivided attention for 12 days. Over this time, she gave him the same intensive treatment he’d been receiving at our centre. Thankfully, he responded well.

French Bulldog puppy Kevin

Help us find forever homes for more pets like Kevin

Before long, Kevin was ready to be rehomed, and started a new life with Katie and Ryan – but he wasn’t out of the woods yet. When he returned to the centre for a check-up, he was diagnosed with a bacterial infection. But, after a course of antibiotics, he was finally on the road to recovery.

A second chance for Kevin

Today, Kevin is healthy, happy, and thriving in his new home. And our team continues to support them with any advice they need. It’s safe to say they’re overjoyed.

Our team works tirelessly to provide safe shelter, specialist care, and a brighter future for thousands of dogs, cats and small pets. Whatever the reason for a pet coming to us, we don’t turn them away. At Woodgreen, our priority is to help every animal, no matter what their background or how challenging their care.

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