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Our spokespeople

Wendy Kruger image

Wendy Kruger, dog behaviour and training specialist

Animals have been at the centre of Wendy’s world since she was a toddler – especially dogs. She joined Woodgreen more than three decades ago, and she’s a bit of a legend around here. As well as her hands-on work with our four-legged friends, she’s been a driving force behind a number of successes including the design of our state-of-the-art kennel area in 2012. And among staff at Woodgreen, she’s known and loved for her straight-talking nature and hysterical one-liners. With more qualifications than you can shake a stick at, Wendy is a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor in both Behaviour and Rescue and Rehoming. Training and behaviour is Wendy’s first love, and her day-to-day role involves giving support to owners struggling with complex behavioural problems. She also helps with the development and delivery of educational events, and represents Woodgreen out and about, both in local communities and the press. For Wendy, the abundance of new scientific discoveries coming through in the training world makes it an exciting time to be working with dogs. “Nothing beats seeing a dog enjoy the learning process, and watching their confidence and focus grow,” she says.

Sue Ketland image

Sue Ketland, dog behaviour and training specialist

Sue’s experience speaks for itself – she’s worked at Woodgreen for more than three decades! This includes 15 years at all levels within the Dog Section, and now in a specialist role to help set welfare standards across the charity. She also supports members of the public with their dogs, helping them with all manner of behavioural issues. She’s one of our go-to people when it comes to speaking on behalf of Woodgreen to the press, and you might recognise her from Channel 4’s The Dog House. It’s making her a household name across the UK, but she’s always been a superstar to us! Sue’s impressive list of dog-related qualifications is nothing to be sniffed at. She achieved her Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE) diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour & Training (DipCABT) back in 2000, and has since tutored on COAPE’s Rescue and Rehabilitation courses. Sue has also lectured on Canine Behaviour & Training in Japan and the Netherlands, as well as for numerous UK charities. In 2004, Sue was responsible for bringing the Syn Alia Training System (SATS) to the UK, and was one of the first people in the world to be officially certified. It’s safe to say that she really knows her stuff. Despite her busy job, Sue can never get enough of spending time with dogs. It won’t surprise you to learn that she’s had numerous canines over the years. And she’s enjoyed competing them – as well as other people’s dogs – in many disciplines such as working trials and agility.

Lindsay Arliss image

Lindsay Arliss, dog behaviour and training specialist

Lovely Lindsay has more than 15 years’ professional experience working with dogs – as well as living with dogs (who are, of course, the best teachers). She has an Honours degree in Animal Behaviour, is an APDT Registed Dog Trainer and COAPE Qualified Behaviourist. Her role at Woodgreen is to help dog owners who are struggling with their dog’s behaviour, as well as running training classes and supporting our dogs on site. A fountain of knowledge, what she doesn’t know about dogs isn’t worth knowing! Lindsay is most passionate about bull breeds, particularly Staffordshire Bull Terriers and tackling their misrepresentation in the media. She loves to teach fun activities to dogs, such as tricks and scent work – and she’s pretty good at getting results too. Lindsay also has a keen interest in canine nutrition and puppy development. Everything Lindsay does is underpinned by her desire to understand the needs of both the dog and their human, and ensure a loving, lasting relationship.

Juliette Jones image

Juliette Jones, cat behaviour and training specialist

Juliette is a cat specialist who has been helping pets at Woodgreen for yonks – she’s a whisker away from her 30th anniversary! Her responsibilities consist of setting welfare standards for pets in Woodgreen’s care, including a vital role in the development of the new Snowden Cat Care Centre. She’s also here to give expert advice to anyone who needs it. No stranger to the small screen, Juliette’s TV appearances include ‘Pet Rescue’, ‘The Zoo Next Door’ and ‘Auf Wiedersehen My Pet’.   As a lifelong animal advocate, Juliette’s journey started at the College of Animal Welfare in the early 90s. Since then, she’s also taken training courses in Pet Bereavement Support, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and a diploma in Practical Animal Behaviour & Training (DipCABT) from the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE). Despite knowing pretty much everything there is to know about cats, Juliette has a thirst for knowledge and never stops learning. She’s always on the hunt for the latest research in the feline world. She also enjoys promoting the importance of the correct environment, socialisation and training for all pets. Juliette believes in blending a scientific approach with personal experience, alongside empathy and understanding. It’s safe to say that countless pets and people are living happier lives together thanks to her amazing work.

Sam Prior image

Samantha Prior, cat advisor

Sam has over 14 years of experience under her belt of working with our feline friends at Woodgreen, and a wealth of knowledge on all things cats. She’s also equipped with a COAPE Diploma in Practical Animal Behaviour and Training. In her wide-ranging role, she’s there for many of our cats at every step of their journey to a loving home. From giving them hands-on care to offering advice to their humans, she’s had a hand in changing many cats’ lives Most of Sam’s time is spent helping cat owners who are struggling with behavioural issues, while also supporting with any complex cases on site. When she’s not on cat duties, she also produces content for education and training purposes. Sam has an interest in why cats behave the way they do (like many of us). She enjoys teaching people that animals’ actions are directly linked to their environment and emotional state, and not out of spite like some might have you believe!

Samantha Ryan image

Samantha Ryan, small pet behaviour and training specialist

Sam has worked at Woodgreen for six years and is our resident expert in all things relating to small pet species (including rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, ferrets and degus). It’s no small task, and she’s made a big difference to a countless number of our furry friends. Sam has heaps of hands-on experience and draws on this to deliver training to new staff members about best practice and the differing needs of each small pet species. From accommodation to companionship, she knows what it takes to keep small pets happy and healthy. Sam is passionate about improving small pet welfare and public knowledge of different small pets, especially rabbits – one of the most neglected pet species in the UK.

Natalie Wells image

Natalie Powdrill-Wells, research officer

Natalie has gained an enormous amount of experience in pet welfare since joining Woodgreen in 2011. There are few areas of the charity’s work that she hasn’t thrown herself into over the years, from dog care and rehoming, education, volunteer recruitment and training to community outreach support. And now in her exciting new role as the charity’s research officer! This involves collecting and reviewing data to further aid Woodgreen’s understanding of pets and their owners. At its heart, her role is about helping to shape the services we provide so that we can offer pets the very best support. With a BSc (Hons) in Animal Behaviour and a MRes in Animal Behaviour & Welfare, Natalie has a keen interest in understanding the most up-to-date, evidence-based approaches to animal welfare and human-animal interactions. She’s recently published her first scientific paper in collaboration with Hartpury University – ‘Reducing Dog Relinquishment to Rescue Centres Due to Behaviour Problems’. Check it out – it’s a fascinating read! Natalie is passionate about helping to develop happy relationships between pets and their people – as well as promoting appropriate pet choice and the difference this can make to pet welfare.

Chris Bennett image

Chris Bennett, community support manager

Chris plays a vital role in leading Woodgreen’s Community Outreach and Education services. Together with his team, Chris engages with local communities and supports the owners of vulnerable pets – providing them with practical help and support. These services are designed to prevent pets from becoming vulnerable in the first place. They aim to reach pet owners at an earlier stage and guide them into good practice, helping to keep pets healthy, happy and thriving. As well as working at Woodgreen for 15 years within dog care and community support, Chris has a BSc in Animal Behaviour and a Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour & Training. He has previously run his own business as a Pet Behaviour Consultant and has also worked at zoos and wildlife parks for six years. There’s no denying that he’s a lifelong animal lover! Alongside an obvious passion for animal welfare, Chris has a keen interest in understanding human behaviour. This includes understanding why pet owners make the choices they do and the barriers they face. And with that knowledge, he’s driven by a desire to inspire positive change at both an individual and community level.

Anna Cowling image

Anna Cowling, education specialist

Anna has more than 20 years’ experience working in education, across a range of third sector organisations. She’s a qualified teacher, with a BSc in Ecology to develop her love of animals, and spent three years working in primary schools as a KS2 teacher. It’s fair to say she is a powerhouse of knowledge, and we’ve all learnt a thing or two from Anna at Woodgreen. Anna joined the charity in 2008 and is now immersed in our education work, leading on the creation and delivery of this content. Thanks to Anna, we have something to offer anyone who wants to learn about pets – from primary school children and secondary students through to college students and adults of all ages. She’s involved in the writing of school workshops, developing online courses and helping to produce virtual and face-to-face classes. Education is key when it comes to changing behaviour, and Anna loves being able to help people with their pets. As we strive towards a future where pets are cared for in loving homes, it’s vital that we empower people with the skills to do this themselves. Anna’s hope is that through educating young people, we can nurture a generation that will think and feel differently about animals – with compassion, empathy and respect.


Woodgreen is regularly featured in the media, both at a local and national level. We are also home to Channel 4’s The Dog House, which is filmed at our centre in Cambridgeshire.

Our pet experts and experienced spokespeople are available for media interviews, or can provide comment via email on a range of topics. These include, but are not limited to:

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  • Animal welfare issues such as hare coursing, stray pets, microchipping and neutering
  • Case studies and statistics about our work

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