Help more kittens like Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard and Box

Found abandoned in a cardboard box, these tiny kittens were filthy, covered in fleas and fly eggs and couldn’t stop shaking. We were their last hope.

We didn’t know if they’d survive the night.

When these four kittens arrived at Woodgreen it was clear they needed urgent help. One was almost lifeless and they were quickly rushed to the vet team.

The nurse found that two of them had dangerously low temperatures – one so low the thermometer couldn’t register it – and put them straight into an incubator to get warmed up.

Live maggots were also stuck to the kittens’ fur, so all four were given warm baths before being dried, treated for fleas and started on a course of antibiotics and worming treatment.

It was very quickly clear that if the kittens hadn’t been found when they were, they wouldn’t have survived. But now, warm and dry, with expert care, they at least had a fighting chance.

Give more pets a chance of warmth

Vulnerable abandoned kittens like this adorable foursome are completely dependent on us for their survival. Together, we can give them that vital second chance.


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After 48 hours in the warm, things were starting to look up.

All four, now named Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard and Box, responded well to their veterinary treatment and after a few days they were ready to move on to one of our most experienced foster carers.

We knew she would give them the dedicated care they needed, feeding them small meals, checking their hydration levels and giving them their antibiotics.

The foster carer also had to thoroughly clean and sanitise their environment up to four times a day to minimise the risk of infection as they hadn’t yet had the chance to develop their immune systems.

Help us give vulnerable kittens a vital second chance at life

Over the course of their time with the fosterer, the kittens really turned a corner. They put on weight and became playful; a real sign they were thriving. Now all four little souls are healthy and full of life, and they have all found loving homes.

Our team works tirelessly to provide safe shelter, specialist care, and a brighter future for thousands of dogs, cats and small pets. Whatever the reason for a pet coming to us, we don’t turn them away. At Woodgreen, our priority is to help every animal, no matter what their background or how challenging their care.

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