Will you be there for pets like Nutcracker?

Thank you for helping pets in need of care and loving new homes.

Will you be there for pets like Nutcracker?

Nutcracker’s story and how we were there for him

Last winter, a dog warden found a very frightened, abandoned Saluki and brought him to us for urgent treatment and care.

Nutcracker had a limp as well as terrible, grazed skin covered in sores. Our vets cleaned up his grazes and put a boot on his foreleg, which was in a very bad way – this helped to keep it dry and clean. His right foot was also swollen and very sensitive between his toes, so he was given some anti-inflammatories for pain relief. The team also gave him medicated foot baths to reduce the swelling.

During his stay with us, our dog care team worked on building Nutcracker’s confidence by slowly introducing him to other dogs. He soon opened up and blossomed into an affectionate canine who loved dogs – and humans too!

Once recovered from his health issues, we were delighted to find Nutcracker a new home. He’s now settled in with adoring owner Jackie, who’s renamed him Zen.

“Zen is one happy dog. He enjoys watching squirrels in the garden and sleeping on the sofa that he’s claimed. He’s a very spoiled boy.”

Jackie, Zen's new owner

Thanks to supporters like you, we could help Nutcracker. Will you help us be there for other pets?

Currently dogs spend an average of 68 days in our care and cost around £40 a day.


£40 could pay for an additional day’s care for a dog like Nutcracker.


£5 a month could pay for a pet's essential first vaccinations before they're rehomed.

Your generosity will also help pets in need of emergency care, like Ernie

Found by a member of the public in their garden, Ernie was in a very vulnerable state with a severe facial injury. They took him to a local vet who confirmed the injury was as bad as it looked – Ernie’s jaw was broken. He was placed into Woodgreen’s care for emergency surgery, which involved putting a wire through his jaw.

His road to recovery included lots of rest and being fed through a tube, then surgery to remove the wire. But it didn’t end there for poor Ernie. Not long afterwards, he had to have his canine teeth removed too. After going through such a traumatic ordeal, we were overjoyed to find Ernie a loving new home. His owner has renamed him Hephaestus – and we hear they’ve really hit it off!

With your support, we can continue to be there for more emergency cases like Ernie.

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