Don’t worry, it’s still us... we’ve just adopted a new look!

For almost a hundred years, we’ve been dedicated to helping pets in need. That will always be our priority, but the way we support pets – and people – has evolved. So we’ve made some changes to better reflect who we are and how we help.

Our new challenge

In 2020, we launched a new strategy that set out our ambitions to help even more pets and people.

To achieve our vision, we must connect with more people at every step of the pet ownership journey – from those thinking about getting a pet for the very first time to experienced pet owners facing new challenges.

Emergency care remains at our heart. But if we take our teams’ knowledge and skills out into the wider world, we can make a bigger difference. This means going further with the support we provide to pets in their homes. And helping thousands more to live happy, healthy lives.


What’s the scoop?

You’ve probably noticed the biggest change already: our new logo! We wanted something that captures the incredible bond between pets and their owners, with pets at the centre of the design.

Our strapline is new too: Helping pets and their people. As a charity that’s here for both pets and humans, we have to make it as easy as possible for people to understand what we do.

There’s also been a slight tweak to our name, which is now one word: Woodgreen. This keeps the spirit of our founding location alive, while helping us appeal to more people across the UK.


Any questions?

We’re all ears! Please get in touch with the marketing team at marketing@woodgreen.org.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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