Fixing friendships: Chica and Logan’s story

Sometimes, a bit of space can do the world of good. For Chica and Logan, whose friendship had started to crumble, time apart saved them from being separated forever.

Chica, a nine-year-old Beagle, and Logan, a six-year-old Shih Tzu, had been fighting in the home. So their owner, Theresa, got in touch with Woodgreen for advice. We then arranged a call with one of our Behaviour and Training Specialists, Lindsay. After talking through what had been happening between the pair, it became clear that Chica was the main instigator of the scraps.

Lindsay recommended two weeks of total separation – a complete break from each other. Then a gradual reintroduction, so they could learn to relax around each other again. She explained how to do this, and Theresa got started on fixing their friendship.

After Chica and Logan’s time apart, she moved on to the process of gently reuniting them. This included walks together, then eventually allowing them to be in the same room – while on leads in case there was any trouble.

Fortunately, the advice worked like a dream. Chica become a lot more relaxed around Logan, so much so that they even started sharing the same bed! As you can see in the photo, it’s a truly heart-warming sight.

Theresa tells us: “I’m pleased I can share my story of how the charity has helped me. I can see a real difference since receiving the advice. My dogs now live more harmoniously.”

Without Woodgreen’s help, Chica will have likely been given up for adoption to us and separated from Theresa and her canine companion Logan. But thanks to supporters like you, we were able to keep them together.

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