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With over half of all households in the UK owning a pet, animals are everywhere in the school community. By learning about responsible pet ownership children can make a difference to both pets in their homes now and also their pets of the future. 

Get Hands On us and enjoy delivering our easy to use lesson plans teaching responsible pet ownership across all Key Stages. 


Looking after the animals at Wood Green

No matter the age, learning about pets is a fantastic way to teach children about the needs of animals and how they can make a difference in raising standards of animal welfare within their local communities. Watch our fabulous film all about caring for animals at our centres.

Animals in schools

It has long been a tradition to keep animals in schools. Many of us will have memories of looking after the class hamster for a weekend and the  fun that this brought. But from the animal’s perspective, being a school pet isn’t always a happy experience. As times have changed, so too has our knowledge of animal care and wellbeing.


Happy Dog, Happy Home

Packed full of easy to follow, useful advice that you can trust these short films are suitable for all ages. Our bite-sized chapters cover:

Choosing the right dog, staying safe around dogs, how to understand your dog and basic dog training tuition.

Watch our videos

Watch our Rabbit Welfare video series

It's really important that you know how to keep your rabbits healthy and happy. To help you, we've created a series of videos so you know what you can do to look after your pets.

Watch our videos

We need you! Help us, to help lots of animals

We rely on caring and thoughtful supporters, like you, to support us. We've got lots of ideas of how you can help fundraise for us.

How you can help

Ways you can help

Whilst we can only offer volunteering roles to individuals over 16 years old there is still plenty that younger supporters can do to make a difference for the animals in our care.

Our animals love playing with homemade toys and snoozing on comfy blankets, which all help make their stay that bit more comfortable. If you would like to get involved and get crafty here are some ideas:

Braided dog toy Reuse old blankets and towels




Crackers for rats Delicous treats for little pets



Rope ladders For our small animal cages



Cat kickeroos For cats to kick about




Want to work for an animal charity?

There are lots of positions available working directly with animals which can be hugely rewarding.

This pack contains examples of some of the typical paid job roles within Wood Green, The Animals Charity. Some job roles involve working directly with animals, others help the animals and the Charity in a more indirect way.

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School workshops and assemblies

We offer an exciting variety of interactive, hands on educational sessions teaching responsible pet ownership to primary schools. These sessions can be delivered in your school within Cambridgeshire and the Peterborough Learning Partnership.

Download our primary school sessions pack for more information on what we offer, and how to book them for your school.