Giving up your dog

Woodgreen takes in hundreds of dogs and puppies each year and finds them new, loving owners.

Giving up your dog can be a difficult, emotional process. If you’re thinking about giving up a dog or puppy, it is best to start the process early, and prevent things from getting worse.

Woodgreen is here to help. Speak to our pet support experts, who can discuss matters with you confidentially and provide unbiased advice and support, to help you make the right decision for your and your dog’s wellbeing.


Handing your dog into our care: how it works

Woodgreen has a five stage process for rehoming dogs. If your dog has behavioural issues book a free appointment with our Behaviour & Training Specialist Team.

If you’re thinking about giving up a dog or puppy, it is best if you start the process early and prevent things from getting worse.

To begin, complete the application form below, and we will aim to reply within 48 hours about next steps.

A member of our pet support team may call you to gather more information about you and your dog or puppy. For example photographs and copies of any veterinary records.

We’ll discuss whether we can provide your dog with a new home, or provide support to keep your dog in your home to see if the situation improves, such as free behavioural advice, or financial aid.

We will then decide the best course of action for you and your dog.

Based on our assessment, we will decide on one of the following actions:

  • Your dog will come into our care, where they will stay in our excellent facilities supported by our dedicated, experienced staff, or with a foster volunteer (over a third of our dogs are placed in foster care) until they find a new home
  • Support with keeping your pet in your home whilst we find them a great new home. This includes expert help with any pet-related issues you may be experiencing
  • A space on our waiting list if our care services are full

We may invite you and your dog to a pre-intake assessment, so we can meet you and your dog in person, before we make a rehoming decision.

In some circumstances, we may not be able to find your dog a new home; our team will explain the reasons why and what to do next.

On the day of your appointment you will need to bring them to us to our rehoming centre Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire at the agreed time and date.

If your dog has favourite toys or blankets, bring these with you as we will keep them with your dog to help them settle. After the appointment, your dog with remain with us until we find them a new home.

Your rehoming appointment will last half an hour. Our team will ask for more detailed information about your dog, to make sure we provide the right support whilst they are with us and find them the best new home.

Whilst in our care, our experts will then assess the behaviour and medical needs of the dog in depth, to help us match them with the right new owner.

You can email us if you’d like updates on your pet whilst in our care.

Once we place your dog in their new home, you’ll understand that we are unable to share information about your former pet’s new owners or whereabouts.

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