Foster a dog

Fostering a dog or puppy for Wood Green is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a dog lover.

Why you should foster a dog

Being put in the temporary care of a fosterer gives the dog the opportunity to receive the love, care and attention they deserve whilst we find them a new, permanent home. 

As a fosterer, you have the chance to experience different breeds, personalities and even trial dog ownership before committing to full time adoption.  

Plus you’ll make new friends with our Wood Green team, and the volunteers that are already enjoying the benefits of fostering a dog. 


What we're looking for

At the moment, we're looking for volunteers experienced with a range of dog breeds and behaviours, preferably who live in a home where no young children will be present.  

Additionally, you'll need to commit to not leaving your foster dog alone for more than a couple of hours.  

Even if you don't match the criteria above, you may still apply; but finding a suitable match may take significantly longer.  


Access to 24/7 support

We often need fosterers to care for dogs with training needs. This could include toilet training, or taking a dog with an unknown history. 

Our behavioural team of experts are on hand to help to deliver a programme specifically designed to meet the needs of the dog in your temporary care. You’ll also benefit from 24/7 access to support from the Wood Green Team.



To join our group of local volunteer dog fosterers, you need to: 

If you already have pets, or young children, placing a foster animal may be more difficult, but we review every application we get in the hope that a suitable pet can be found for your individual situation. 


From foster to forever home

Meet Bryson, a nine-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who came to Wood Green in November 2020. Bryson is a loving and affectionate dog, but life in our kennels unsettled him. Thankfully our volunteer fosterers Julia and Trevor were able to help.

Read Bryson's story