Sure Petcare

Learn about how award-wining smart pet product specialist Petcare have been in partnership with us since 2015

Sure Petcare is an award-winning smart pet product specialist who we’ve been in partnership with since 2015, working together on a joint mission to care for pets. With a range of fantastic products to their name including microchip cat flaps and feeders, the company have made a huge difference to pets at Woodgreen and beyond.

Nancy and Phoebo in Hoshi's house

How they’ve helped

As well as providing SureFlap Microchip Pet Doors for the pens at our centre in Godmanchester, the company sponsored and fitted out Hoshi’s House, a summer house for cats. This is for our high-end need felines such as those with behavioural or medical issues, who benefit from having more space than a standard unit.IFrame

Our first resident was Charlotte, an 11-year-old cat who had been with us for a while. She was found in a vacant property after her owners had passed away, leaving her traumatised and vulnerable. Hoshi’s House made the world of difference to this delicate soul; with its large enclosed garden, she was able to feel grass on her paws for the first time in years.

Since then, hundreds of cats have enjoyed a stay in Hoshi’s House including mum Nancy and her son Phoebo. These friendly felines were brought to Woodgreen after Nancy’s inappropriate toileting indoors led to the owner’s landlord forcing them to leave. Faced with the heartbreaking dilemma of finding them another home, she turned to us. In Hoshi’s House, we were able to keep them together while we searched for a new owner – ensuring they felt as comfortable and happy as possible until that special day arrived.

Discounts for Woodgreen supporters

As part of Woodgreen’s collaboration with Sure Petcare, our supporters can receive a discount on their products. Plus, for every item sold, the company matches the discount with a donation to the charity – find out more here.

Want to partner with us and help pets in need?

If you’re interested in becoming a corporate partner of Woodgreen, and helping us to care for thousands of homeless pets every year, please get in touch with our friendly team.