Workshops and classes

At Wood Green, we offer a variety of workshops and dog training classes, that will help you to be the best pet owner you can be. 

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Dog training classes

At Wood Green, we offer five types of dog-training classes; puppy training, dog training, dog trick training, dog agility classes, and practical first aid for dogs. Come along to learn valuable training techniques to help manage your dog's behaviours, and start teaching them tricks to bond and have fun with your pet.

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Pet health and wellbeing checks

We run free health and wellbeing checks throughout the year in locations across Cambridgeshire. These include a basic health check, fun enrichment ideas, weight, diet and behaviour advice, and microchipping.

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Dog workshops

Held by our behaviour and education specialists every month, our Family Dog Workshop is a fun opportunity to find out more about dog ownership for families, while our Living with Dogs workshop is aimed at adults, and covers everything from the five welfare needs to breeds, behaviour, and best practice. 

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Chicken workshops

Join us for an interactive and detailed workshop to learn all you need to know about keeping chickens. These are suitable for those already owning chickens, or for people who are thinking about getting their first flock.

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