Rabbit e-learning course

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A self led e-learning course suitable for anyone with pet rabbits, who works with rabbits, or who would simply like to learn more.

A brand new course taking a look at what makes rabbits healthy and happy.

Explore different options for accommodation, take a quiz to find out what should be on a rabbit menu, find out what rabbit's companionship needs are, test your knowledge of vet care and find out what a binky is!

Please note this is a self led course, with the option of receiving an e certificate on full completion.

How do I join?

Click the button below, sign in to Google (or create a new Google account) and follow the instructions.

I need help now!

Get expert support and guidance for urgent pet-related issues.

I can't look after my pet

If it's not possible to keep your pet at home anymore, we can help.

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