Beautiful Joe's

A force for canine good, Beautiful Joe’s offer a range of completely natural, handmade liver dog treats. For every packet sold, they donate the same volume to a rescue centre or other good canine cause.


Helping dogs at Wood Green

Since the beginning of our partnership in 2017, we have received more than 33 donations from Beautiful Joe’s – helping to keep our dogs healthy and happy. This includes more than 3,000 packets of their treats, which are made from air-dried, pasture fed, beef liver. They have also supported our fundraising events by sending prize subscription vouchers, a lovely regular treat for some lucky dog!

“They’re perfect for training because you can snap them up into tiny pieces for little rewards. The dogs seem to love their crunchy texture. We put them in activity feeders such as puzzle balls, which is great for enrichment.” – Jess Macmichael, Dog Team Leader at Wood Green.

A brief history of Beautiful Joe’s

Founded in 2012, Beautiful Joe’s have given away over £400,000 worth of treats to rescue centres. Some use them for training, others are grateful to have a treat to give the dogs in their care. The treats are named after a dog called Beautiful Joe who lived in Canada in the 1890s. He was rescued from a brutal farmer and became the subject of a best-selling book. Its author, Margaret Saunders, devoted her life to championing the rights of animals.

Besides the fantastic dog treats they donate to Wood Green and other centres, Beautiful Joe’s are known for their range of raw dog food called Honey’s Real Deal Dog Food. They also offer free canine nutrition and health advice. Find out more about Beautiful Joe’s.

Want to partner with us and help pets in need?

If you’re interested in becoming a corporate partner of Wood Green, and helping us to care for thousands of homeless pets every year, please get in touch with our friendly team.