Settling in
  • Bengal
  • 7 years
  • Female
  • Admitted May 2022
  • Ref:142923

Support and Health

Do I have any medical conditions?

History of

Blossom has had a history of cat flu in the past.

Who I can live with

Can I live with dogs?


Can I live with cats?


Can I live with small pets?


Additional information

Blossom has never lived with other animals but should be okay to share her home with a calm dog following careful introductions.

Family and environment

What kind of family am I looking for?

Blossom has never met children before so would be best suited with older children who can give her space whilst she settles in.

What type of environment would suit me?

The ideal location for Blossom would be the edge of a quiet village where there are not many other cats or heavy traffic. Blossom will need access outside once settled in her new home

About Blossom

This gorgeous girl is blossom. She's a lovely friendly girl. She absolutely loves playing, especially with feathers. Blossom also loves a good fuss and cuddles, she particularly loves a chin scratch. Blossom has lots of love to give to someone who can give her the best home.

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