What can I donate to your charity shops?

Items should be in a good, clean, usable condition. The list below isn’t exhaustive and is subject to change, so you may wish to contact your local Woodgreen charity shop if you’re unsure.

  • Clothes, shoes, fashion accessories and bags
  • Toys and games
  • Books
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Furniture and other household items (learn about our collection service)
  • Unopened and in-date pet food
  • Pet toys
  • Knitted cat toys (we spray Feliway on them to keep the cats in our care nice and calm)
  • Pet beds
  • Blankets and knitted blankets (recommended size of 75cm x 75cm)
  • Electrical items, providing they are PAT tested

The charity shop at our Godmanchester centre also accepts towels, newspaper and shredded paper.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to accept duvets or pillows due to the cost and time it takes to launder them.

We’re unable to take medicine (even if it’s unopened), and are no longer able to accept used ink cartridges.

If you’d like to buy something specific for the pets we’re caring for, have a look at our Amazon wishlist.

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