Finding it hard to care for your dog?

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At Wood Green, we know what it means to want the very best for your dog, we love all pets here. Life is unpredictable and understandably, things can sometimes get in the way which are beyond your control. 

We understand there may be many reasons why you’re struggling to look after your dog. Whatever that reason is, it's completely personal to you. Whether it be work or financial pressures, your health, or simply not having enough time to dedicate to your pet, if you’re finding it difficult to cope, that's okay – we're here for you.  

Our teams can provide support that could help you keep your pet at home without having to find them a new owner – including behavioural advice, medical help or guidance with training. We can support you with any issue.

How we can help

Behavioural and training support 

Our Behaviour and Training Specialists here at Wood Green can offer free, expert pet advice and training. Whether you need advice on how to care for your dog, or how to support your dog’s behaviour and training needs, whatever the issue may be, our friendly team are here for you. Get in touch with us online, over email or on the phone.  

We run a number of virtual and live workshops and classes, providing further support for pet owners. See all our available workshops and classes

Need to find your dog a loving new home? 

If you're finding it difficult to look after your pet – we can help. Pet ownership isn't always easy, but we are always here to listen to your problems and talk you through some of your options in the hope to resolve them. If you feel you need to give up your pet, we can support you through the next steps. 

You can trust us to provide your pet the best care until we find them a new home. There are three different services for you to choose from:  

To ensure every pet gets the best possible care whilst waiting for a home, we can provide care in:

  • Our world-class rehoming centre in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire. Our dedicated, experienced staff will give your former pet everything they need while we search for a new owner

  • A foster home. Some pets cope better in a different environment, so we've assembled an amazing team of volunteers who offer pets extra comfort and attention in their homes

  • Your home, where we can provide support to you and your pet whilst our rehoming experts find them a new home.

Pet Collection service 

Our Pet Collection service in North London, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire has proven to be a lifeline for many homeless pets and struggling owners who need to give up their pet. Whatever the reason for finding your pet a loving new home, we’re here for you. Whether you don't have enough time due to work, your health or financial pressures, we can help.  

In need of more help? 

If you haven't found the answers you're looking for, or you need advice on a different topic, we're here to help. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. 

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