We promise to care for your pet after you’ve gone

You love your pet with all your heart, but should your pet outlive you, do you worry who will be there for them? With Pet Promise, we promise to care for your pet, when you no longer can.

We’ll make sure they have everything they need, from nutritious food and a warm bed, to fun activities and plenty of cuddles. At the same time, we’ll strive to find your pet a new loving home.

At Wood Green, we’ve been caring for pets for 95 years, and we promise to look after yours if they outlive you. We know we’ll never replace you, but we’ll care for your pet just the same

It is easy to register for Pet Promise

Protecting your pet’s future is simple. Complete the registration form below and we’ll send you your Pet Promise pack.

The pack contains everything you need to know about Pet Promise, including postcards to pass to family and friends, and information to store with your will.


I thoroughly recommend Wood Green and their Pet Promise scheme. Your pet couldn’t be in better hands.


Pet Promise: frequently asked questions