What are your dog adoption criteria?

Every decision we make in the best interests of our dogs. The dogs that come into our care have often suffered trauma, and need careful rehabilitation for issues such as aggression towards other dogs, nervousness around strangers and severe resource guarding (protecting possessions). We’re proud of our matching service and the success we’ve had in finding thousands of dogs a forever home, and a second chance at life. 

Applicants must be at least 18 years old, unless they live with someone of this age or above who can give permission, and also confirm that the household has permission to have a dog in their home. Whilst there is no upper age limit, we only match dogs with people who are able to meet the needs of the dog they want to adopt. 

It generally takes longer to rehome dogs with applicants who have children, particularly young children, but it is possible. 

We have rehomed dogs with new owners who live in flats, or homes where there’s no garden. Because although a garden is essential for some dogs, it’s not for others. 

Not everybody who applies can offer a home which provides the environment and support the dogs we have at that particular time. However, we have dogs coming into our care on a daily basis, and eventually leave for a new home. If you’re patient, we could find a dog that you can adopt. 

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