Cambridgeshire-based Woodgreen Pets Charity has secured support from one of the UK’s leading pet food manufacturers, Burgess Pet Care, for the 12th year running.

Burgess is a leading UK pet food manufacturer catering for the country’s most popular pets – dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, rats and ferrets.

The company has supported Woodgreen Pets Charity for over ten years by providing food for both our small animals and dogs. We also team up with them every year for Rabbit Awareness Week, an opportunity to share rabbit welfare advice and highlight why they make wonderful pets. For this year’s event (2020), we hosted a live stream on our Facebook page that gave audiences a look behind the scenes at some of the bunnies in our care.

How Burgess help pets at Woodgreen

Since 2009, Burgess has been supplying our centre in Godmanchester with monthly donations of Burgess Excel and Burgess dog food. Their generosity has helped to ensure that pets in our care receive a high quality diet while waiting for their forever homes. With this saving we can fund other areas of our vital work, and be there for more pets in need.

Without the support of Burgess, we would not have been able to provide the level of care that we did for a group of 11 ferrets that came into Woodgreen last year. Mum, dad and nine babies under six months had been together in a small indoor cage before coming to our centre. Unfortunately, their health was not where it needed to be and the babies were growing fast! Thanks to donations from Burgess, we were able to feed them with top quality food. And there was plenty to keep the hungry babies fed as they grew. Once they were ready, all were neutered before moving to loving new homes – the happy ending they deserve.

About Burgess

Burgess is an independent family run business based in Thornton-le-Dale. For generations, Burgess has produced the finest quality foods for people, pets and animals. Starting out as flour millers in the 17th century, the Burgess family moved into producing wholesome animal feeds in the early 1960s. They use only the finest natural and locally sourced ingredients for their pet food recipes.

Find out more about Burgess here.

Want to partner with us and help pets in need?

If you’re interested in becoming a corporate partner of Woodgreen, and helping us to care for thousands of homeless pets every year, please get in touch with our friendly team .