Choosing the right dog e-learning family workshop


Come on a journey, discovering all you need to think about before taking on the commitment of a new canine friend.

About this Event

A new workshop looking at the things to think about when choosing the perfect family dog.

Explore the things you will need to think about when looking for a dog. Have you thought about costs? How much exercise your dog needs? Or even whether to get an older dog or a puppy?

This workshop will guide you through all the big things to think about before making the commitment of a new four legged family member, so that it works for everyone, the dog included. This workshop covers all these topics and more!

Suitable for families, couples or singles aged 7 – 97 who are thinking of having the pitter patter of poochy paws grace their lives. Although suitable for 7s and over, you know your family best – you might want to take a look at the sections first and decide which to complete as a family and which are best for older children and adults only.

Please note this is a self-led workshop. All content can be found in the link below.

Feedback from pet owners who have completed this course:

“Brilliant for first timers. We aren’t, but still found it very useful and interesting.”

How do I join?

Click the button above, sign in to Google (or create a new Google account) and follow the instructions.

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